I'm in Las Vegas for CES!

One Last Day Staying in Las Vegas for CES, I Like to Tell You What It Feels Like to Be a Part of This Exhibition. 


Fly your ass off for 10+ hrs to touch down the soil.

You arrived at LA for another transit flight to Las Vegas. Here is the place where you recheck in again and dump in your case for luggage onboard AGAIN!!!

Every tourist will stop by for a moment when you use iPhone to take this welcome sign before heading a hotel.


Finding your way to Sands Expo where the world's largest convention is located.
And you take pictures while walking your legs XD
This is Excalibur where I was staying for like 10 days long MF. 

While you crossed the overpass toward MGM, by which it is the place where you can take a monorail to the convention, you see this giant mother fucker standing.

If you are living on the strip and also on the budge, I'm highly suggesting you that MGM's monorail is a good way to go.
Here is the lion before the grandiose MGM~ Impeccable.

This station is going to chicken packed after day2. You are going to be amazed at how many people come for CES. The correct answer is 180,000. OMG~

The day before CES officially open for people is on Monday, so you have this Sunday to see the media from all over the world to see the first hand on the coolest gadgets. 

And yes, this is made of iceeeeeeeeee while people here can freely drink to pass out XD. How cool is that?

@Day 3
I was assigned a task to help out in a booth where you can see our Taiwan!!!
And it is lame tho XD. If you are in Sands Expo, arriving such place requires you to take a route 12 to get your ass there, you can see many people taking the bus to here and there.

There you are, enjoy the random takes along the way~
That's Google playing with people, how fun is that.

This mother fucker is a Drone, a Drone. OMG!

Inside of the big thing.

China is here toooooooooooooooooooo.

Japan is always ahead of the times.

@Day 4~5
Let me walk you thru what CES is about.
Image this place is jammed with almost 20,000 human being in it!!!

Let's see what every player in the game is tiring to tell us.

That's what they say, To the Future XD

Just to show you guys what this is all about, and try your ass off to get a job in such firms, you won't regret coming to Las Vegas. 

I am beat for it. 
See you when I see in Vegas, peace out.


Google US:「曾氏職涯」




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