YAIC (Youth Association of International Conferences) commenced to hold annual Mode United Nations Conference in the year of 2005. We strive to provide a one-of-a-kind platform for all the intellectual young minds to discuss urgent issues of today and further cooperate together by simulating the role of diplomats.
This year, we devote to bring the best experience to all the delegates during the three days conference. In order to stress the influence of China’s uprising and the importance of Chinese language, we opened a new Chinese committee (UNESCO) for delegates; meanwhile, we also open a unprecedented committee—Third Party Actors (TPA) for delegates to enroll yourselves in different committees as well as to broaden your understanding regarding different topics. Moreover, we’ve inherited the legacy of UN press corps from last year. Delegates would not only enhance your academic English writing ability but also proficiency in terms of news editing. Through the total of five sessions’ intense debate, delegates have the opportunity to attend SC,DISEC, ECOFIN and present the best of yourselves!

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