TEDxTainan was created in the spirit of "ideas worth spreading." Formally established in 2011, we hope to share the brilliant ideas and beautiful stories from the city of Tainan to the public through the international influence of TEDx.

TEDxTainan’s mission is to provide an impactful stage for local innovators, leaders, change-makers, and dreamers to share their passions and visions for the world. We are committed to creating an event where participants are encouraged to exchange their ideas and inspirations. We believe TEDxTainan will provide a platform for the brightest minds to be inspired and to inspire others, and will foster the spread and application of great ideas. 
TEDxTainan的使命是提供一個具有影響力的舞台,讓台灣的創新者、領導者、改革者、與夢想家,有機會向世界分享他們的熱情與理想。在活動中,我們鼓勵參加者多多分享他們的ideas & inspirations。我們相信TEDxTainan能提供一個平台,讓參與者互相激盪、加速great ideas的傳播與應用。

TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s “ideas worth spreading” mission, with TEDx events planned and coordinated independently on a local basis. The concept has gone viral, and events in more than 60 countries, and a vast number of cities and communities have already been held or are in formative stages. The goal is to spark deep