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Karlsson 24.5cm Flip wall/table clock Orange/Black 荷蘭Karlsson 24.5cm(小) 橙黑色翻頁式 座枱/掛牆時鐘

建議售價 $4,480


This is the most classic looking and sought after flip clock from Karlsson - introducing the 80's wall flip! And so to speak of being in the retro stream. This clock is equipped with 24hours internal accurate multiple gear movements for Date, Day & Month with a separate Japanese Quartz movement for hours and minutes made in Japan. The blades will flip automatically every day - (Date, Day, & Month) Perfect for home use.

Karlsson is a renowned Dutch clock brand and is sold all over the world. In 1999 Karlsson joined the inspire through the design contributions of many Dutch and internationally renowned designers as well as those of our own creative team. Under the wings of Present Time, Karlsson grew to be an internationally recognised clock brand.

We, Ur Lifestyle would like to bring Karlsson to all you guys which their design is really simple and it can be simple the home with helpful design.


Description: Mini Flip Wall/Table Clock
Overall size: w245 x d100 x h245 mm
Color: Orange & Black
Material: Plastic
Brand: Karlsson, from Netherlands
- AA size X 5 Battery (Batteries not included)
- Battery operated
- Year (non-automated)
- Fliping blade (material used: Thermoplastic Polymer)
- White border with glossy finish
- 24hours with both AM/PM
- Time adjustable with knobs






單件 900 元 , 第二件開始每件加 800 元