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林一根入伍趴 -- moonteg ‧ 南瓜妮歌迷俱樂部 ‧ 皇后皮箱 ‧ 森林合唱樂團

樂團圈處處有溫情,一起打拼的團員要 樂團圈處有溫情,一起打拼的員要暫別去當兵 了,怎麼辦?!當然是先盛大的舉辦一場演出,大家一起聽搖滾樂跳舞喝酒,期待再相聚的日子阿!


Moonteg is a quiet creature that only appears when there is no human around.

南瓜妮歌迷俱樂部PUMPKINney Fan Club成立於2009年夏末。以迷幻且粗糙的聲響和內斂的表演風格著稱。
by 野樂派 / DC
Pumpkinney Fan Club is an alternative rock band from Taipei, Taiwan, formed in the summer of 2009. Known for their unique performing style, the group gets commented as a more self-composed band delivering psychedelic and progressive sounds to the audiences on stage.
Influenced by different music and varies inspirational artists around the globe, the band members incorporated elements of electronic music, British and psychedelic rock into their work. By using a wide range of guitar effects and the synthesizer, Pumpkinney Fan Club are able to create a distinctive atmosphere with distorted sounds. Along with well-structured rhythms, pleasing melody lines, vocalist’s extraordinary voice cleverly bonds different music elements together. The Band expresses its emotions and communicates with listeners through their music, and with lyrics that tell the world about their own prospective and values.
“When it comes to Pumpkinney Fan Club, it’s hard to categorize them into a specific type of band or music. And when you listen to their songs, other than the initial direct impact, it infiltrates your mind.”
By Yellowback / DC

2010年首張單曲《Like I said》發行過後,經過兩年現場演出以及錄音室的磨練,喜愛1960.70年代搖滾樂的他們,更奠定音樂風格走向,今年他們也發行第二張單曲《Killer.B / Maybe it the way it will be》在曲風上融合更多屬於那年代的經典元素如Blues、Motown、R&B、Surf Rock等,也創造出屬於皇后皮箱的獨特復古氣息,目前在台灣為少見的創作類型。
皇后皮箱為第十一屆「海洋獨立音樂大賞」得主,並獲選2011StreetVoice「The Next Big Thing」大團誕生系列之年度十大新團,曾受邀參予北京「京浪音樂祭」、「香港黑市音樂節」以及台灣知名藝術家林明宏(Michal Lin) 的個展演出;主唱卡菈鮮明的個人風格,也受邀擔任簡單生活節2008、2012的海報形象代言人,以及2013年英國知名牛仔品牌LEE COOPER形象代言。

Hailing from Taiwan: the land where cigarettes, outdoor drinking, and 2-wheeled transportation is still common, Forests have been making fuzzy and fast music for you. Yes, I do mean you. Music so perfect for surf and/or turf that you need to wear boots with your swim trunks like Grandpa intended. After road testing their material for the past few months, it is time for them to come to your earholes. Embrace them and make them a part of your life. Rock as hard as you want, but be certain to bring another pair of socks.