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Duda Deportiva w/The Tic Tac

Duda Deportiva

2013 野台開唱吸睛度 100% 的西班牙台式混血樂團-Duda Deportiva
由1976的大麻,與電話亭的Barbi,結合西班牙裔的主唱 Chema
González 而形成的一個全新搖滾樂團「Duda Deportiva」。

Duda Deportiva is a Hispanic-Taiwanese pop band based in Taipei (Taiwan), formed in 2011 by the Spanish songwriter, Chema González. The group features members of two seminal bands of the Taiwanese indie scene: 1976 and Telephone Booth.

Bassist Zac Chang (guitarist of 1976) and drummer Warren Lin (1976) started their collaboration with Chema tracking the drums for the first single of the band: 10. While guitarist Dylan Lee (Telephone Booth) helped mixing that first recording.

The ensemble has recently become a quintet with the addition of keyboardist Barbie Chang (Telephone Booth).

The Tic Tac

從一開始的鍵盤低音和炸裂的吉他聲響,Tic Tac 為自己找了一個新的輪廓。以民謠、鄉村為基底的吉他聲線,更強調韻律及重量的鼓擊和貝斯,勾勒出另一個截然不同的他們,使用著更為成熟認真的語言述說著他們想要表達的世界。

The Tic Tac is a Taiwanese indie rock band, a musical collective including 5 members, formed in 2008 by Chad Hsu.
All members of The Tic Tac came from Taiwan indie music scene.
At present, we constantly appear at all kinds of music scene and music festival in Taiwan.

Our music is focusing on alternative country with aggressive fuzz sounds of guitar. We want to create the atmosphere of epic. We continuing add various elements in order to finding the sound belongs to The Tic Tac. Also, the group's sound could be considered a combination of all of its members' respective musical projects. Country, Psychedelic, Disco, Post Rock, Urban Folk, we experience all kinds of possibilities.