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Kinoco Hotel Psychedelic Encore Show

Kinoco Hotel魔菇安可秀
Kinoco Hotel Psychedelic Encore Show

在遊牧影展戶外怪奇音樂祭看不夠?4P美熟女角色扮演車庫搖滾樂團Kinoco Hotel魔菇大酒店要在The Wall為大家帶來限定安可秀!當天還有另一組神秘嘉賓共演。

很開心宣布Kinoco Hotel魔菇大酒店要在台北加場!當晚還有一組同樣在【遊牧影外怪奇音樂祭】演出的神秘嘉賓驚喜出場!Kinoco Hotel魔菇大酒店將有完整一小時的精采表演,另外還有一到兩個樂團加入安可秀將在不久之後公布,敬請期待!

【遊牧影外怪奇音樂祭】還意猶未盡嗎?我們將在The Wall重現最原始山林音樂體驗,只要憑票根或手環就能享受500元特惠票價!快來找魔菇大酒店和我們一起伸展你的四肢,解放禁忌的慾望。

Kinoco Hotel魔菇大酒店以充滿異色風情曲折離奇的樂團角色設定以及舞台上激情失控的演出聞名,音樂受到1960年代搖滾樂啟發,再注入迷幻、龐克、新浪潮、碎拍節奏等元素,歌曲中巧妙結合了近未來的機械感與昭和元祿的復古風味,歌詞行文裡,將想在都市叢林中存活下來的少女心,用精確的文字,強勢地宣告著她們的主張,尖銳刺激的風格使人欲罷不能,一旦聽過便深深中毒。在過去十年中「Kinoco Hotel魔菇大酒店」活動足跡遍及日本各大音樂祭,更多次征戰世界舞台。她們的音樂經常令人聯想到因在電影《追殺比爾》中演唱而聲名大躁的日本女子樂團the 5, 6, 7, 8s,甚至也有樂評說他們是女子版的傳奇搖滾樂隊Guitar Wolf。


We are glad to announce that we are able to add an extra Taipei performance with Kinoco Hotel in Taipei, the KINOCO HOTEL PSYCHEDELIC ENCORE SHOW featuring Kinoco Hotel and other special guests from the Urban Nomad Opening Freakout. Kinoco Hotel will play a 60minute set, along with performances by 1 or 2 more bands (to be announced closer to the performance date). We're making this specially cheap for festival ticket buyers, just $500! We hope you can all come party with us one more night and see Kinoco Hotel in a top quality indoor music venue!
Kinoco Hotel is an outrageous intersection between Japan’s hardcore fetish scene and 1960s garage rock and psychedelia, wrapped up in the package of a four-woman rock band. Formed in 2007, Kinoco Hotel came up through Japan’s indie scene and is known for jaw-dropping live performances, with front-woman Marianne Shinonome playing both the keyboards and the role of an S&M queen — and you better believe the whip she brandishes onstage is real! Over the last decade, the group has performed at major Japanese music festivals including Fuji Rock (2012, 2014), Rising Sun Rock Festival (2010, 2012), Countdown Japan 2011/12, Rock in Japan (2013) and toured internationally. They have just recently released their latest album, Revolution of Marianne, on the major Japanese label King Records.
Marianne formed the group on the concept of a twisted rock ‘n ‘roll hotel, with herself as the sadistic hostess and other members — Isabelle Keme-Kamogawa (guitar), Fabienne Inawashiro (drums) and Julietta Kirishima (bass) — as the hotel staff. “Kinoco” meanwhile means “mushroom” and refers to the iconic 60s mushroom haircuts of all four band members. Marianne’s background in S&M is real. She studied various fetish arts under “the Queen of Kobe”, including kinbaku, the Japanese art of rope bondage.
The band debuted with the first album La Mélancolie de Marianne in 2010, and have gained a reputation for electrifying performances, producing four more albums. Their latest album, Revolution of Marianne, will be their first ever released in Taiwan , with a spring release through Welcome Music.
Initially inspired by 60s Japanese garage rock, Kinoco Hotel bring in elements of punk, new wave, progressive, freakbeat and rock’n’roll. One could compare them to a harder version of the 5, 6, 7, 8s, (seen in the Quentin Tarantino’s film Kill Bill) or possibly even a female answer to Guitar Wolf. To celebrate the band’s 10th anniversary, Kinoco Hotel is touring the world in 2017.

Performers陣容:Kinoco Hotel魔菇大酒店+Special Guest神秘嘉賓

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Kinoco Hotel魔菇大酒店+Special Guest神秘嘉賓

Date‭ & ‬Time時間:‭ ‬4/18‭ (‬Tue‭.‬‭)‬20:00-22:00
Venue地點:The Wall‭ ‬台北市文山區羅斯福路四段200號


Online線上購票‭ ‬KKTIX、The Wall官網皆可購買。You can buy tickets via The Wall or‭ ‬KKTIX.
 預售票‭ | ‬Advance Ticket NT$700
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 現場︱Door:NT‭ ‬900