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Bass Kitchen Taipei 7th Anniversary


SAMO DJ [ Born Free / LIES ]
YOSHI NORI [ BK Taipei ]


INITIALS B.B. [ BK Taipei / Korner ]
MINIJAY [ BK Taipei ]

18 + with ID

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ALL W/ 1 Drink

500 NT 預售 Presale
650 NT 現場 Door


2F., No. 20, Lane 96, Kunming Street / 02 2375-5518

● Toasteria Cafe 3號 敦南 Dunnan
No. 3, Lane 169, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Road / 02 2752-0033


非常興奮能在這個特殊場合再次邀請到紐約電子音樂大廠 LIES Records 的旗下大將, SAMO DJ 及 TZUSING。上次邀請到這兩位鬼才製作人的 BK 派對至今都還讓人津津熱道。

Samo DJ, 在2011年自有廠牌 BORN FREE 及 LIES 發行近年相當備受到矚目的單曲 ”Tai Po Kao” 及 “leggo” 後,立馬變身為讓人為之瘋狂的黑馬製作人。 他的創作中往往隱藏著讓人出忽意料的音樂思路,同時用他用初戶意料的混音技巧衍生出各種不同曲風。 不管是 House, Techno, Industrial, Dub, Electro, Noise 或是沒有人知道是什麼意思的 Electronica, Samo DJ 都能產生出屬於他自己獨一無二的內容。 而對於舞客挑剔的耳朵,他總是能夠用古怪但又稍微熟悉的技巧征服他們。 Samo DJ 去年更在 Dekmantel Festival 的 Boiler Room DJ set 展現他那過人的舞池操控能力 - 令人意想不到的選歌技術以及讓舞客不自覺停不下腳步的台上操刀技巧絕對不亞於他的創作。

Tzusing, 可能是近年來從亞洲闖進國際舞台最成功的音樂工作者。他那轟炸型又扭曲的招牌曲風說服 LIES 廠牌連續發行了他的三張 EPs,同時也像個大男孩似的帶著強烈玩耍心態做些奇怪聲響。例如跟 Samo DJ 合作的 “Hollerbackboi”, 先不論它靈感是否來自於 Gwen Stefani 的 “Hollaback Girl", 這首帶有強烈鼓聲,明確碎拍,及復古80年代的鈴聲旋律一發行立刻造成轟動,更是被 RESIDENT ADVISOR 選為 2016 年度最屌 的50 首單曲之一. 只要看到 Tzusing 在台上, 我們就已經知道等等會有很多的驚喜,同時我們要隨時拿好我們的飲料,因為什麼時候會被炸飛,我們根本不知道.

能夠再次邀請到這兩位古怪型的音樂者同台演出,也是一種緣分。 這兩位搞怪藝人自從頭一次在 Samo 2014年 BK 的派對演出時認識之後,已做出一連串的共同創作,我們也相信這次兩位 DJ 會帶來有別於他們 Solo 表演不同的 BK 生日禮物 !

Here we are: time for our 7th birthday. To hit lucky 7, we are excited to bring back two of our previous guests, two artists who happened to meet for the first time at one of our parties, and also arguably two of the hottest producers in the current scene: Samo DJ and Tzusing.

Samo DJ's name popped up on the map around Xmas 2012, with a mysterious black EP on L.I.E.S. Records. The tracks on this record, “Tai Po Kao” and “Leggo”, were two experimental techno collages turning into unpredictable directions at almost every corner - a trademark of Sam's productions since then, both solo or with collaborators 5ive, Baba Stiltz or Tzusing. Samo's releases on Trilogy Tapes, Public Possession or his own Born Free Records combine a variety of styles, with elements from house, industrial, electro, italo disco, dub - and everything in between. His Boiler Room appearance on last year’s Dekmantel Festival also showcased his unique take on DJing that is as full of surprises as his own productions. In a nutshell: with Samo on the decks, be sure to expect the unexpected.

In a similar fashion to Samo DJ, Tzusing made an eye-popping debut on L.I.E.S. Records, with a salva of EPs released between 2014 and 2016. While his hard nosed, distortion-oriented style may please EBM and industrial music enthusiasts, he's got many cards up his sleeve, as showcased by “Hollerbackboi”, a highly infectious and outrageously playful collaboration with Samo DJ on Public Possession that ended up on pretty much everyone's "top tracks of 2016" lists. Tzusing's 2nd appearance for BK is also coinciding with the release of his first LP on L.I.E.S. Records: “東方不敗” - one of the most anticipated electronic albums from the beginning of 2017. So be ready to be stomped by Tzusing - and don't mess with him in the DJ booth!