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Outliers: Ed Davenport


ED DAVENPORT (Counterchange) UK
INLAND (Infrastructure New York) UK
TOSKA (Korner)


TOSKA (Korner)


Inland / Ed Davenport

Inland是在業界倍受尊敬的音樂家,同時也是Ed Davenport的分身。他變化多端的Live Set以數位的方式呈現,不僅帶領舞者進入自我沈迷的銳舞時光,DJ Set 更是讓身體從頭跳到尾;老唱片與新唱片的完美交錯,舞不停歇。他有超過十年的經驗,對於舞池的拿捏絕不馬乎,該醞釀時讓人期待著;該爆發時讓人全身激昂。

他與Berghain當紅的駐場DJ——Function,一同經營Infrastructure NY,其中包含了極具共鳴的“Odeon/Rhyl” EP,去年還發行了一張巨星群集的合輯 ”Infrastructure Facticity”,包含Inland與Function的合作曲目 “Colwyn Bay”,其中還有Blue Hour、Cassegrain & Tin Man、Efdemin、Post Scripton、Rrose、Silent Servant、Steve Bicknell⋯⋯等人。他也有自己的廠牌Counterchange,2015年更在Techno名廠Ostgut Ton發行單曲。

Inland / Ed Daventport總是可以把氣氛堆疊的又迷又穩,律動不離身,在重拍之下帶出各樣驚喜,他的場子除了好玩、盡興玩,他就是一種要玩就玩到底的音樂姿態。

Firmly settled in his adopted hometown of Berlin, British Producer, DJ and label operator Ed Davenport has resolutely carved out a sound of his own within the underground Deep House and Techno scene. Releasing music and DJing Internationally for over 10 years, he now runs his own label, Counterchange Recordings, co-runs Infrastructure New York with its founder and close colleague Function, and records under his Inland guise.

The launch of the Counterchange label in 2013, and his co-management of the recently relaunched Infrastructure New York label alongside Function, both represent the constant development of Davenport as an artist concerned with doing things his own way. Driven by a sense of the timelessness of great music, Ed continues to hone a sound that is at once emotional, engaging, and expansive.

Having cut his teeth on the London scene and released a handful of well-received 12s, it was his move to Berlin in 2008 that afforded Ed the creative space to fully develop his potential. Davenport quickly landed himself regular gigs in the German capital, playing the first of many sets at Panorama Bar in September that same year. After a period of deep research and development, often being called in to play 8 hour closing sets at the famed venue, Davenport began a closer relationship with the Techno stylings of Berghain. Since the start of 2013 Ed appeared at least 6 times a year at the club, holding up a regular slot that has seen his fan-base grow hugely, both in Berlin and internationally.

In May 2014 Ed unveiled a new chapter in his artistic development, as he teamed up with Function as 'Function/Inland' for the first release on the newly re-launched Infrastructure label. Their 'Odeon/Rhyl' EP met critical acclaim and Ed now co-runs the label with the respected American techno-mainstay. The pair play selected shows together presenting their Function/Inland DJ sets and Live show. Proving to be a fruitful partnership both in the studio and behind the decks, Infrastructure is set to release more material from Function/Inland in early 2015. It's clear Ed Davenport's mission to represent quality, timeless music is only just beginning.

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