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Deep Fried House 17 : Chida & Bézier


Korner /

CHIDA [ Ene Records, JP ]
BÉZIER LIVE [ Dark Entries / Honey Soundsystem, USA ]
YOSHI NORI [ BK Taipei ]

Outer /

BÉZIER ( Disco Dj Set )
INITIALS B.B. [ BK Taipei ] vs Artur8 [ King of Kong, Warsaw ]
MINIJAY [ BK Taipei ]


450 NTD Before 1AM
600 NTD After

18+ with ID


2016 年度最後一次 Deep Fried House 炸房子系列派對, 我們決定用最大的驚嘆號畫下完美的尾局! 這次我們不只邀請到 CHIDA 及 BÉZIER 兩位搞怪型的音樂工作者,整個夜晚的氛圍也將跟以往與眾不同。

Chida 這個名字,相信已經不需要太多介紹。東京地下浩室界大頭目,也是日本首屈一指的地下廠牌 ene Records 主理,Chida 第三度強勢回歸。 自從兩年前他在 BK 五周年派對催眠了所有舞客後,不只完成了美洲及歐洲的聯合巡迴,最後更在柏林的 Panorama Bar 引起騷動, 如果說 Chida 已經征服了世界最頂尖的舞池,一點都不為過。

除了DJ 表演外,Chida 也持續致力於創作, 他在 Correspondant, Public Possession and Eskimo 等BK最喜愛的電子音樂廠牌發行,而去年他所操刀混音,由 Not an Animal Records 發行的 Ess O Ess - Cantillate 更是 BK 的年度最愛之一。 永遠在進化的 Chida,我們非常期待他又如何拿出怪招來橫掃舞林。

接下來首次來炸房子派對的是神秘的 BÉZIER。 來自美國舊金山,當今最備受矚目的台僑地下音樂鬼才,他目前為當地龐克 / 後搖電子音樂廠牌 Dark Entries 的旗下大將,同時在 2007 年與該廠牌主理 Josh Cheon 組成 Honey Soundsystem 團體組織。

該組織在舊金山同志地下電子音樂圈裡定時舉辦最瘋狂叛逆的派對. DJ,LIVE,製作,團隊演出,活動企劃, 我們想的到的表演模式他們一手包辦。 我們這次也將請他在 KORNER廳 以難得的 LIVE 模式表演,之後又會轉到 OUTER 廳帶給大家舊金山式最扭的 DJ Set。這麼難得的體驗, 決不能錯過.

2016 年的最終炸房子派對,我們將盡全力帶給大家最好玩又充滿驚喜的夜晚, 等你/妳來跳舞!


As we enter the last two months of 2016, we have prepared a monster program to end the year with a bang. Please welcome two of the edgiest artists in the current electronic scene: Chida from Tokyo and Bézier from San Francisco.

For the die-hard BK fans, Chida doesn't need much of an intro: the boss of Japan's Ene Records and pioneer of Tokyo's underground house scene is paying us his third visit already!

Since his last appearance at our 5th anniversary party, Chida has relentlessly toured America and Europe, with bookings at Berlin's legendary Cocktail d'Amore party and at Panorama Bar - getting well-deserved recognition for a DJ with a career spanning over 20 years.

Chida has also been focusing a lot on production lately, both solo and together with Cos/Mes' 5ive as Mascaras. His remix of "Cantillate" by Ess O Ess has been a crowd favorite at BK parties since its release last year, and the man has since landed original productions and remixes on some of our favorite labels, such as Correspondant, Public Possession and Eskimo.

Bézier, on the other hand, is a newcomer to Taipei, but an established name on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Hailing from San Franciso, Bézier has been since 2007 a member of the Honey Soundsystem, a legendary crew of promoters and DJs at the heart of SF's gay party scene. With releases on Dark Entries, a label run by fellow crew member Josh Cheon, and on Honey Soundsystem, Bézier creates music that blends Disco, Hi-NRG and Cold Wave influences, with an added spark of analog synth wizardry.

We are delighted to get a chance to showcase the full range of Bézier's talent, with a unique live performance (yes, live!) at Korner, followed by a late-night DJ set in the Outer Room.

OK. No need for further PR poetry. You don't want to miss this. We don't want to miss this. So save the date and see you on the dancefloor!