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Envelope Presents 3rd Anniversary feat. DBridge (Exit Records / Pleasure District / Heart Drive)

Envelope Presents

3rd Anniversary feat. DBridge (Exit Records / Pleasure District / Heart Drive)

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日期 / Date : 2016.10.29 (Sat)
時間 / Time:23:59-05:00
地點 / Venue:Korner
地址 / Address:台北市羅斯福路四段200號B1 / B1, No.200, Sec.4., Roosevelt Road, Taipei City 116

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Zakka W
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TEL: 0988 942 748

Exit Records / Pleasure District / Heart Drive

Darren White 又名 dBridge,是 drum and bass 裡經驗最豐富的老將之一,他的自我砥礪成就了許多膾炙人口的事蹟。在他獨特豐富的音樂歷程中參與了數個重要的團體,從Future Forces 歷經 Bad Company、Club Autonomic 到最近的 Heart Drive。

dBridge 對自己的廠牌 Exit Records 投入大量心力,例如 Mosaic 合輯、眾多創新的單曲和 LPs,他啟發很多後進新血並持續擔任他們的導師。以個人身分來說,dBridge 維持多元的製作功力在許多廠牌都有發行,除了自家廠牌Exit外,還有Metalheadz、Reinforced、Hotflush 等等。

雖然他對音樂的愛好可以追溯到很早以前,但 Darren 的音樂事業是在 1992 年當他搬去倫敦與他兄弟 Steve 一起做音樂後才開始。他們除了一起創作, Darren 也會幫 Steve 製作。在倫敦他們除了接觸草創時期瑞舞場景,Darren 也跑遍各大派對活動,例如 Astoria 的 Roast 和影響他很大的 Jah Shaka soundsystem 。不久後 Darren 和 UK hardcore 團體 Armshouse 合作並開始鑽研合成器和取樣機,當時所研發的新聲音也成為 Lennie De Ice 的 jungle 經典原型 "We are IE"。

1995年 他加盟 Trouble on Vinyl 並開始用 dBridge 的名義發行唱片 -"Bring Da Flava b/w Keep it Real."。他與理念相同的 Jason Maldini 組成 Future Forces,由於他們的音樂創新獨特,所以很快就受到大家的注意。Renegade Hardware 也是在那個時期創立,專門發行像 Future Forces 這種比較粗曠硬派的聲音。 他們在該廠牌有一系列發行,期中包含經典的 "Dead by Dawn" 和 "Triton"。

就在同樣反骨的 Fresh 和 Vegas加入後,drum and bass 天團 Bad Company 正式成軍,也開啟 dBridge 音樂歷程的新樂章。BC 成軍五年多期間不僅重新定義何謂舞池導向的 drum and bass,他們幾首經典國歌 ("Planet Dust," "Hornet," "The Nine") 還被遍佈世界各地大大小小的舞廳派對狂播猛放一直到現在。 他們發行的多張單曲和三張專輯到現在仍然是 drum and bass 中的經典,這些作品勢必會在 D&B 的歷史課本中被大大的記下一筆。

2003年 dBridge 於自家廠牌發行第一張單曲 "Libra b/w The Bride",正式邁入Exit Records 時期,此外他也在各大廠牌陸續發表新作,例如 Soul:r、Creative Source、Liquid V 和 Metalheadz。不僅止於發表音樂的平台,Darren 把 Exit Records 當成終身志業並持續替傳統 drum and bass 尋求突破。Exit Records
對音樂始終抱持真誠的態度,在每個作品都要求極高的品質控管下,廠牌已受到許多樂迷的推崇。2014年,Exit Records 開始獨立發行和運送商品,成為完全獨立的音樂廠牌。

dBridge 已被公認是目前最重要、最有原創性的 DJ 之一,這個殊榮不單侷限於 drum and bass,而是整個電子音樂場景。他在 Rinse FM 每月有固定節目 ‘The Aptitude Show”,在英國與歐洲各大知名夜店更經常舉辦以 "Exit Records nights" 為名的的系列活動。除了在 Fabric 固定演出,他還到 Techno 重鎮柏林去放 Techno,這當中包含傳奇夜店 Berghain 及兩個月一次的 Watergate , 當然也別忘了他的世界巡迴, 例如 Japan、USA、Australia 和 New Zealand。他還幫東京及西雅圖的 Red Bull Music Academy 當教學講師。

2014年開始,dBridge 和 Kid Drama 合作 Heart Drive podcasts 讓人聯想到經典的 Autonomic 。 他除了幫 Ninja Tune 旗下藝人 Machinedrum 炮製 remix,也在新的子廠牌 ‘Pleasure District’ 以 dBridge 、Heart Drive 名義發表作品。他的另一個身份 Velvit 發行的單曲(house / techno 為主)受到 Dusky 的青睞收錄於他們的廠牌 17 steps 中。

對音樂不斷地探索與突破,以及獨到的視野與思維,這些特質勢必讓 dBridge 成為獨立地下音樂版圖裡眾多的先鋒之一。

A veteran producer and one of the most experienced artists in drum & bass, Darren White aka dBridge is an artist whose multiple transformations and evolutions glide through a staggering list of achievements. Over the course of a long and distinguished career, he has been at the heart of some the most exciting collaborative partnerships drum & bass has ever seen from Future Forces to Bad Company, Club Autonomic and most recently Heart Drive.

dBridge has also devoted a large amount of focus to his label Exit Records with theMosaic compilations, multiple ground breaking singles, and artist LPs as he continues to be a mentor to the new breed of producers inspired by his career. As a solo artist, dBridge remains versatile with his own productions for Exit, Metalheadz, Reinforced, Hotflush, and more.

Although his love of music dates back much farther, Darren’s career began in earnest in1992 when he moved to London to make music with and produce for his brother Steve (himself a successful solo artist and front-man for the group ‘Spacek’). Catching the buzz of the nascent rave scene along with his brother, he ventured out to club nights such as Roast at the Astoria and drew inspiration from the deep dubby tones of the Jah Shaka soundsystem. Darren soon found himself working with UK hardcore group Armshouse Crew, the production posse responsible for Lennie De Ice’s proto-jungle anthem ‘We are IE’ and began to master the synths and samplers that were the source of this new sound.

In 1995 he linked with the Trouble on Vinyl camp, who released his first solo production as dBridge, ‘Bring Da Flava b/w Keep it Real.’ It was here, amongst like-minds and contemporaries, that he met fellow producer Jason Maldini and the pair went on to form Future Forces. Their early productions stood apart from rest and so a new imprint, Renegade Hardware, was established to cater for the tougher, grittier sounds they were creating. A steady string of releases followed, including the classics ‘Dead by Dawn’ and ‘Triton’.

Combining forces with two equally divisive producers, Fresh and Vegas, the scenedefining Bad Company solidified dBridge’s next chapter. Creating a myriad of anthems that to this day will be heard played (and rewound) any number of times at any D&B night, in any city around the globe (‘Planet Dust,’ ‘Hornet,’ ‘The Nine’), in BC’s 5+ years of working together, they redefined dance -floor Drum and Bass. The notorious supergroup created tracks – and 3 full-length albums – that will remain drum & bass epitomes, tracks that will forever line the chapters of D&B history notes.

In 2003, dBridge opened a new chapter with the first release on his own label Exit Records. ‘Libra b/w The Bride’ was soon followed by more solo outings, across a string of high profile labels including Soul:r, Creative Source, Liquid V and Metalheadz. More than just a platform for his own music, Exit Records is the fruition of a lifetime goal for Darren and has developed to encompass styles beyond strictly drum & bass. Exit Records is a label that is constantly providing music with integrity and longevity, and cementing its reputation as a label with the strictest quality control with every release. Since 2014, Exit Records has become a fully independent label, providing their own pressing and distribution.

As for DJing, dBridge is now proven to be one of the most important and innovative DJ’s in not just the Drum and Bass scene, but the electronic music circuit. He hosted a monthly residency at Rinse FM; a series called ‘The Aptitude Show’, and in clubs has been headlining popular Exit Records nights around the UK and Europe, as well as regular sets at Fabric, breaking new ground by playing at Berlin’s home for techno, the legendary Berghain club and securing a bimonthly Berlin residency at Watergate, ....and of course not forgetting his tours of clubs and festivals around the world, including Japan, the USA,Australia & New Zealand. He has forged a relationship with Red Bull Music Academy,lecturing and teaching for them in both Tokyo and Seattle. For the last 5 years, ExitRecords’ musical direction and artist stable has become the main focus for dBridge’s DJ sets.

Since 2014, dBridge has teamed up with Kid Drama and released the Heart Drive podcasts, reminiscent of the Autonomic layers. He has seen a release on Ninja Tune in the form of a remix for Machine Drum, and further releases on his new subsidiary label ‘Pleasure District’, under the dBridge moniker as well as the Heart Drive collaboration. His Velvit alias for house and techno has also seen a release, being picked up by Dusky who released an EP on their label 17 steps in 2015.

Constantly exploring the potential and boundaries of drum & bass music and staying several steps ahead of the rest, it seems inevitable that he will eternally remain one of the leading lights in independent underground music.