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Low End Theory_#11 feat. Fre4knc

Envelope Presents

Special event Wednesday night for "Low End Theory"_#11 feat. Fre4knc [NL]

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✈✈ 活動資訊 / Info

日期 / Date : 2016.09.21 (Wed)
時間 / Time:23:00-03:00
地點 / Venue:Korner
地址 / Address:台北市羅斯福路四段200號B1 / B1, No.200, Sec.4., Roosevelt Road, Taipei City 116

✈✈ 票價 / Tickets:

✈現場 / At Door:NT300 (週間限定)

門票均附一杯飲料 / All tickets with one drink
入場請務必攜帶身分證,未滿18歲禁止入場 / ID Check



骨子裏熱愛DJ並有豐富演出經驗的荷蘭籍DJ/製作人 Fre4knc(發音同Frequency)已製作音樂多年,他獨特的風格在許多優秀廠牌都有發行。例如 Noisia 的 Invisible、Critical Music、Samurai Music 和 Dispatch Recordings 。他深沉、狂野、techno式的音色彷彿九零年代專為舞池打造的 techy drum & bass 進化版。

除此之外,豐富的DJ經歷也讓 Fre4knc 獲得眾多樂迷的擁戴。他的足跡遍佈歐洲,例如,Noisia Invites、Outlook Festival、Blackout、以及他自己的系列活動 Break-Fast。2016 年 Fre4knc 更是在 Invisible、Critical Music、Samurai Music 這些 dnb 大廠牌發行一系列廣受好評的新作。

Fre4knc 獨特多變的曲風已受到諸如 Noisia、Photek、Break、Friction、Black Sun Empire、Fabio、DJ Hype、Icicle、SpectraSoul、Rockwell、Enei、Skeptical、DLR、Kasra 等人的大力推崇。

A true DJ at heart with many years of experience, Dutch DJ/producer Fre4knc (pronounced “frequency”) has been making waves in the studio. Due to stand out releases for Noisia’s Invisible, Critical Music, Samurai Music and Dispatch Recordings he has created his own raw, deep and techy drum & bass sound for the dancefloor.

Next to that he built his reputation as a DJ after playing on events like: Noisia Invites, Outlook Festival, Blackout, his own Break-Fast events and many others all across Europe. Now in 2016 he’s pushing his sound further with releases set for Invisible Recordings, Critical Music and Samurai Music.

With a versatile and infectious style, his tracks have already won support across the scene from the likes of and many more.