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UnderU presents Air Max '97

UnderU presents Air Max '97 ####

Air Max '97 (NLV Records/ Decisions/ from Australia)

Shelhiel (Live set/ from Malaysia)
Sonia Calico
Sarow (aka sian sian)

Artwork by Veeeky

地點 Venue:Korner 牆角
日期 Date:2016.08.05 (Friday)
時間 Door Open:24:00
門票 Ticket:Adv. $400 w/ 1 drink
Door $500 w/ 1 drink

18歲以下禁止進入 請攜帶身分證

八月的UnderU請到了來自澳洲墨爾本DJ製作人兼藝術家的 Air Max '97

新型態的舞曲本來就很難用只用幾個字來框架住它,Air Max '97的音樂遊走於bass, ghetto tech, grime, electronica....之間,從舞池導向的bangers到有時甚至會有點偏向實驗的曲風都勇於嘗試與突破;從來不安於停留在舒適圈的他,新歌一出往往帶來無法預料的驚喜,音樂中總會帶著一絲不尋常的groove,深受那些熱愛尋找前衛舞曲的digger欣賞。

這種不安於室的創作態度,可能與他的另外一個身份有關,在開始接觸音樂創作前,他也是一位熱愛modern art的藝術家以及設計師,曾經舉辦過數場裝置作品的展覽(。無論是對於音樂或是對於藝術創作,Air Max ’97的作品總是流露出對科技與網路世代的崇拜與諷刺的美學。他也秉持著一貫DIY的精神,一手包辦封面設計與MV、對於穿著時尚同樣獨具個人風格,Air Max ‘97可以說是走在時代尖端的次文化人物代表。

歷年發行過的廠牌包括Trax Couture, NLV Records, Liminal Sounds...等等,去年開始也成立了自己的廠牌“Decision”,並在上個月發行了新EP “HPE”。

Proud to announce that our August event will be featuring Melbourne producer/artist Air Max '97.

“Air Max ’97 has quickly asserted his flair for making fresh, inventive and deeply idiosyncratic club music.” – Liminal Sounds

“Air Max ’97 creates new spaces and possibilities for the club.” - Truants

Air Max ‘97 is a producer and DJ establishing a singular presence in the current sonic landscape. His ‘oblique’ productions and remixes are rich with atmosphere, texture and movement, winning support from the likes of Total Freedom, Ben UFO, Benji B, Eclair Fifi, Mike Q, Lee Gamble, Nina Las Vegas, M.E.S.H. and Teki Latex.

A magnetic presence behind the decks, Air Max ‘97 forges sonic journeys alive with energy and dynamism. His DJ sets contrast dark and light, hypnotism and disruption, made all the more special with the inclusion of countless unreleased tracks, edits and blends.

Since 2015 Air Max ‘97 has run DECISIONS, a record label delivering music to move people.

Air Max ‘97 has released on DECISIONS, NLV Records, Liminal Sounds, Trax Couture and Activia Benz; recorded mixes for Triple J Mixup, Dummy, Truants and Mixpak FM; and remixed artists for Warp Records, LuckyMe, Infinite Machine and more. He DJs frequently around his home country of Australia and tours internationally.

Labels he has been issued over the years, include Trax Couture, NLV Records, Liminal Sounds ... and so on, last year he also set up his own label "Decision", and last month released a new EP "HPE".

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