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SPANK : Oliver Hafenbauer

德國法蘭克福最強 club Robert Johnson 主腦,
超前衛工業浩室廠牌 Die Orakel 大頭目再次轟炸台北

Korner :
Oliver Hafenbauer [ Robert Johnson / Die Orakel ]
YOSHI NORI [ Bass Kitchen Taipei ]

Outer :
INITIALS B.B [ Bass Kitchen taipei ]

House | Industrial | Acid | techno

Oliver Hafenbauer 不只是法蘭客福當地傳奇舞廳 Robert Johnson 音樂總監, 他同時也是該駐場DJ. 從1999年開始到現在, Oliver 找來世界各地的音樂好手一同演出, 在一個不到250人的場地, 但在自己精心設計的頂級音響設備下帶來如 Portable, Roman Flugel, Benedikt Frey, Gerd Janson, Riccardo Villalobos, Dixon 等頂級好手.

Oliver 借由他的理念感染著 Robert Johnson 的風格: 一個舞廳不用太大或豪華, 但只需要頂尖的音響設備及前衛又獨一無二的地下音樂提供給最挑替的舞客. 這就是 Robert Johnson 近20年來讓全世界最令人耳目相看的元素, 而 Oliver 正是該舞廳的幕後操刀者.

2013 年後 Oilver 創立了新廠牌 ” Die Orakel". 這個廠牌與 Robert Johnson風格載然不同, 專注於深受 industrial, noise 及 experimental 影響的古怪浩室音樂,並同時找來Jaures, Orson Wells, Pablo Mateo, Edward 等來勢洶洶的新生代創作人發行單曲.

長話短說, Oliver Hafenbauer 絕對是當今最具品味及理想的音樂工作者之一. 當晚, 他將把法蘭克福嶄新的工業舞曲, 加上 Robert Johnson 道地堅持的 House/techno 重拍毫無保留的搬到台北 KORENR. 擦亮您的跳舞鞋, 千萬別錯過!

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ALL W/ 1 Drink
預售 | Presale: 400 NT
現場 | Door : 500 NT

售票點 | Presale Locations:
● KKTIX (Famport, FamilyMart)

● 有種唱片 Species Records
2F., No. 20, Lane 96, Kunming Street / 02 2375-5518

● 吐司利亞三號 Toasteria Cafe #3
No. 3, Lane 169, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Road / 02 2752-0033

● 台北人體移動售票亭.Jen's Ticket Booth
No. 16, Sec. 1, Daan Road/ 0922-109778

地點:KORNER (羅斯福路四段200號B1)

: (02)2930-0162More info TBA

While the lone act of DJing is arguably one of the best jobs in the world, there's something that feels more special about being permanently rooted to a space as a resident. Having a place where you have a hand in shaping its identity and get the opportunity to relate to an informed crowd week in week out is a very unique and rewarding situation.

Oliver Hafenbauer is a man who holds such a status at Frankfurt's world respected Robert Johnson. The place has been an icon for some of the highest quality house/techno sound, but its unique vision of having the best sound-system while only offering not much more than 250 people capacity carves itself as an intimate venue for music-hungry audience. Not only has Oliver been spinning there since the club opened its doors in 1999, he also has taken on a further role of club booker and label A/R. Simply translated, that means he gets to draw from the club's talented collection of friends and family - which includes some of the biggest names in the scene such as Portable, Roman Flugel, Benedikt Frey, Gerd Janson, Riccardo Villalobos, Dixon and more.

On top of it, Oliver has set up a new label, "Die Orakel" in 2013. The label is vastly different from the more traditional house/techno sound of Robert Johnson; it focuses on dance music heavily influenced by industrial and experimental music that sees releases from talented & rising artists such as Jaures, Orson Wells, Pablo Mateo, Edward, etc.

All in all, Oliver Hafenbauer is one of the finest taste makers, who is never afraid to push the envelope, while aiming to share his vision to the most music hungry crowd. On June 18th, don't miss this rare chance to dance to Frankfurt's finest.