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Deep Fried House 15 : MR. HO

Korner :
MR. HO [ Klasse Recordings / Crème Organization ]

Outer :
MINIJAY [Bass Kitchen TPE]

MR. HO :

春天來臨~ 同時也是 [Deep Fried House] 炸房子派對 2016 年的第一發. 第15集, 伴隨著溫暖空氣,我們將來點熱鬧的浩室音樂, 邀請到的是近年來在歐洲相當備受矚目的 Mr Ho !

MR. Ho 不只是柏林浩室新廠牌 Klasse Recordings 的主理人之一, 他也在荷蘭電子音樂大廠 Crème Organization 發行單曲. MR. HO 擁有非常廣泛的音樂領域, 不只涵蓋了傳統芝加哥浩室及 Techno 風格, 他的製作也同時注入許多 hip hop, 龐克,工業舞曲等不同元素. 這些元素也充分散佈在他今年剛剛在 ESP Institute 發行的新單曲裡。 其中 "Collision Resistance"為一首慢節拍舞池炸彈,骯髒的重貝斯及鼓聲,加上乾淨俐落的Hi Hat,充分表現出濃濃的工業舞曲風格,而另一首 "Veils Of The Beloved" 則是帶有 groovy 音色的純浩室調調,兩首完全對比的單曲展現 Mr Ho多元又細膩的製作實力。 

除了超強製作力之外,MR Ho 在 DJ 方面也來勢洶洶. 他同時在歐洲三個地方駐廠,從柏林的 Grafiti Tapes -Ohm,巴黎的 Klasse label night - Batofar 及維也納的 Basic Rhythm -Celeste 都可看到Mr Ho用他獨特類比的浩室舞曲轟炸舞池. 

這一晚 Korner 廳開場是愛搞怪的 Bass Kitchen 兩位廚師 Inititals B.B 及 Yoshi Nori, 另一邊 Outer 廳則由 BK 主廚 Minijay 及好友 Synaptic FX 帶來一整晚的深沉 4/4 拍節奏.


We are about to enter the spring season of 2016, right in time to welcome back BK's trademark party series. The 15th edition of Deep Fried House brings you rough & rowdy house sound: Klasse Recording's Mr Ho!

Mr Ho has been making noise in Europe the past few years with releases at Berlin's Klasse Recordings, which he co-manages with long time friend Luca Lozano, and also releases at prestigious lables such as Creme Organization. His releases have been getting great feedback because of its eclectic texture, not only ranging from the traditional roots of house & techno, but also crosses over to hip hop, breaks and slices of industrial sounds.

Currently holding down residencies in Berlin (Grafiti Tapes -Ohm), Paris (Klasse label night - Batofar) and Vienna (Basic Rhythm -Celeste), Mr. Ho entertains crowds with his energetic & diverse sets that have featured some of the hottest analogue house sounds. On top of it, he has just released a fire EP from one of our favorite labels: ESP Institute. The 2 tracks EP perfectly demonstrates Ho's diverse tastes and precise production skill, as ‘Collision Resistance‘ loudly focuses on pounding kicks, slashing hats and gritty snares flashing in the dim-light of a basement dungeon, while ‘Veils Of The Beloved‘ clears up that filthy mist with a redeeming elixir of dynamic basslines, high-reaching pads and groovy melody.

Opening at Korner are our usual BK knuckleheads Yoshi Nori & Initials B.B, while headchef Minijay will take over the Outer Room with Synaptic FX to deliver waves of deep tunes to create a perfect contrast of a full on house night. Get your freaks on, as this edition of Deep Fried House is sure to be a rough rider!

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ALL W/ 1 Drink
預售 | Presale: 300 NT
現場 | Door : 500 NT

售票點 | Presale Locations:
● KKTIX (Famport, FamilyMart)

● 有種唱片 Species Records
2F., No. 20, Lane 96, Kunming Street / 02 2375-5518

● 吐司利亞三號 Toasteria Cafe #3
No. 3, Lane 169, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Road / 02 2752-0033

● 台北人體移動售票亭.Jen's Ticket Booth
No. 16, Sec. 1, Daan Road/ 0922-109778

地點:KORNER (羅斯福路四段200號B1)