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DJ TAKU HIRAYAMA (Junktion / Jazzy Sport HK / oma) Hong Kong



Dedicated to the dance music scene for over 15years and will never stop the journey with digging and mixing. Hailing from Fukuoka in the South of Japan, Taku Hirayama currently lives in Hong Kong. Seems he always cross paths with the right people, and it’s not just his luck that has landed him the chance to play most of the credible party at clubs, bars, lounges, hotels throughout the city. He takes a lot inspiration from the local and international talents that he’s had the honour to host and play alongside.

He’s currently leading music direction of a small underground club “oma", which has become a pivotal venue in Hong Kong’s underground dance music scene with hosting one of the city’s best sound setup which Taku dedicates himself to maintain and update. In addition to the countless hours he puts into digging and spinning diverse music. Taku holds some other residency at the vinyl-only venue “MyHouse", Berlin inspired Italian osteria “Mitte" and "Woobar at W Hong Kong” and mixing his eclectic music collection. Also represents worldwidely known Japanese label / production "Jazzy Sport" in Hong Kong. He and his crew brought over many of their artists and put on gigs for the label all over in Hong Kong.

He started with jazz-house crossover vibes at the beginning of his career and eventually went into more electronic, now he has a strong appreciation for deep stripped down minimal groove. His set always keeps its own colour, taste and temperature. His own regular night “Junktion” is a party that resonates his sound very strongly : disco, house, techno and whatever that has inspired him from other musical styles, whether it be deep, hypnotic or trippy – his dance groove has consistency. Not only bringing numbers of international guests but also knows himself loves open-to last long set, starting and finishing the night on his own.

Even he lives in the concrete jungle and plays electronic music, there is an organic vibes we can feel from his sound - Maybe he takes inspiration from his environmental surroundings, particularly when they are natural - an example that he watched his first total solar eclipse in Australia back in 2012 - as life changing experience that allowed his adventurous soul to keep riding on his music journey. And it's made him going out from small island metropolis to Tokyo, Shanghai, The Great Wall in China, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Bali, Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Brisbane in this few years.

2016 is going to be an exciting year for him – Just played at "Eclipse Festival 2016” in Indonesia to see total eclipse once again and playing around in Asia. Who knows where his journey will take him next, but there’s no doubt that his positive drive and energy will take him to places he deserves.

FRIDAY 29 APR 23:59
$300 W/ 1 DRINK