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■ 2016 -05 - 01
■ START 19:30
■ 預售 NT 250 W/1 DRINK
■ 現場 NT 300 W/1 DRINK

A fear-drive (hyphenated form) is a component of a psychological theory which suggests how an unpleasant internal state (fear), whether real or imagined, impels avoidance. However, feardrive lies on the opposite end of the spectrum, supporting the concept of how attempting to reduce or eliminate a fear can drive an individual to achieve that which was previously thought of as surreal or impossible.

Stench of Lust
A four-piece grind/Metal/crust band from Taipei City, Taiwan, Blasting through a thick, sludgy mix of early Napalm Death, Charles Bronson, Infest, and Disgust, songs are short, immediate bursts of unhinged rage at a world hurtling towards a timely end.
一個grind/Metal/crust樂團,受到早期原始粗線條的龐克金屬影響,深受Anal Cunt感召,決定要做出各種噁心積八連自己都不太想聽的鬼東西,但爽度絕對直逼宿醉後的嘔吐、便秘後的烙賽,讓你混身痛快。

Hateful Rezpect
3 piece boy band from Taiwan. We've suffered from obesity and look extremely overweight. Our average BMI is greater than 35. Please be nice to us.
三人男孩團體 肥胖症困擾多年 團員平均 BMI 值超過 35。