這牆 - 節目資訊

Green! Eyes /w Cicada

Green!Eyes is a Taiwan indie band that’s been active roughly 8 years. The band was, is, and probably will never be big due to the fact that these cool dudes hate commercial marketing and purposely avoid public attention. Interestingly, all of Green!Eyes songs are composed in English, which are much more affluential from an international perspective. After a couple of listenings, it is obvious that the band’s style is heavily influenced by indie rock, soft-rock, jazz, country/folk and definitely lo-fi with their recording model. I personally found Green!Eyes have a very mature performing style in various live recordings. Their live songs are naturally mesmerizing: sophisticated guitar solos along with clever drumming encompass the vital vibe that differentiates the classic from the conventional, and Yu-Chen’s very distinct singing/hairstyle might be another factor that makes Green!Eyes stand out from norm.

Check them out if you are a hard-core rock fan who wants to start exploring indie and folk rock. This perfect interface band will tame your ears with funky drums and sweet sweet semi-jazz guitar, but just enough to keep your rock soul still intrigued by squeaky solos and clean bass-lines.

words by Nancy Chen