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ANCHOSONG (JP) live set
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本名吉田雅昭的Anchorsong來自日本,在2007年移居至歐洲,年輕的他已有與Bonobo, Prefuse 73, DJ Krush, Daedelus, Jaga Jazzist同台演出的經驗,也曾經數次登上指標級的BBC Radio 1,在日本發行過三張成功的單曲後,更於2011年底在Tru Thoughts Recordings下發行個人專輯"Chapters",這些作品的成功的將他帶上了SonarSound Tokyo'12,Outlook Festival和Boiler Room等國際舞台,充滿濳力的Anchorsong是個被多方看好的新興製作人,2014三月Anchorsong被節拍大廠BBE看中,並在2014八月發行最新單曲"Mawa EP"。

Anchorsong的第二張LP即將在2016年由Tru Thoughts廠牌發行,這張專輯融合了傳統與現代音樂的結合,多層次的文化火花,藉由這一次為期ㄧ個多月的亞洲巡迴,傳達他心中原始部落與21世紀音樂工藝交錯的未來經典。

Anchorsong has become globally recognised for his unique live shows, which many people have described as "like watching a painter drawing on a white canvas", as he creates electronic music completely live using a sampler (MPC2500) and a keyboard, right in front of the audience. While he mainly performs solo, he frequently augments this setup with a string quartet, for a truly spellbinding show.

Since his relocation from Tokyo to Europe in late 2007, Anchorsong has supported the likes of Bonobo, Prefuse 73, DJ Krush, Daedelus, Jaga Jazzist and more. He has garnered an international following on YouTube, with videos of his performance.

In November 2011, his highly anticipated debut album, 'Chapters' was released worldwide on Tru Thoughts Recordings. It received the likes of tastemakers including Huw Stephens, John Kennedy (XFM), Oneman and Laurent Garnier. The 1st single "Plum Rain" became an instant classic and stayed in Top 40 of The Hype Machine for a week. He kept himself busy touring in 2012 including the appearance on SonarSound Tokyo'12, Outlook Festival and Boiler Room.

After spending 2 years in Japan to focus on producing, "Mawa EP" was released on 18th August 2014 on BBE. It received the likes of Gilles Peterson, Karizma, Osunlade, Craig Smith etc.

With his second LP set for release with Tru Thoughts in early 2016, Anchorsong will aim to further blend traditional and modern music with what is set to be a richly textured tapestry of outward-looking sounds. Expect new ground to be trodden, with tribal rhythms fitting in seamlessly with all the modern wizardry you would expect from a 21st century composer.

1.30.2016 SATURDAY
ADV. $400 / DOOR $500 W/ 1 DRINK