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Bass Kitchen & LAB Taipei present: BLACKOUT

Line up:
Monkey Timers [ JP ]
Yoshi Nori vs. Initials B.B

"BLACKOUT" - 定義:
1. 突然, 或是短暫性的意識, 視覺或記憶喪失 (往往在派對過度狂歡時容易發生)

  1. Bass Kitchen Taipei (Official) 和 LAB select shop 的新派對概念, 結合地下電子音樂, 街頭服裝及隔天嚴重宿醉

日本當今 House – Disco dub 地下音樂界裡最備受矚目的新生代 DJ – Monkey Timers (Take + Hisashi)。他們的作品讓 Bass Kitchen 之前所邀請的 Chida 及 DJ KENT 都為之驚艷。他們在 2011 年所錄取的“Klubb Syndrome”混音 CD 是 DJ Harvey 在洛杉磯的派對搭檔 Paul T. 當年夏季最喜歡的 Mix CD。而 2013 年底所發行的首張單曲“MONK”不只得到 Justin Vander Volgen、Eddie C、Manu 等人大力推薦,2014 年他們更擔任了日本有史以來的第一次 BOILER ROOM 壓軸表演,不論在音樂製作及 DJ 都展現了過人的才華。更值得一提的是,Monkey Timers 不只在地下音樂界裡活躍,與日本街頭流行領域的強烈連結更是其魅力之一。

Take 從學生時期常去老家岡山的代表性店鋪 Balance(bal 品牌改名前的直營店舖及同名品牌),當時擔任 Balance 品牌設計師的 Eda 及 Kaba 因個人喜好及受 DJ Harvey、Paul T.、Rub N Tug 等好友影響,常在店鋪播放 House、Disco、Dub Techno 音樂,並以品牌名義舉辦許多 Party 活動,深深影響著 Take 及 Hisashi 那個世代族群。後來 Take 及 Hisashi 從學校畢業後,不約而同的一起進入時裝領域,Take 去到 Balance 工作,Hisashi 則進入 Head Porter 就職,也不知道是有意無意,這兩個品牌都與音樂領域有著強烈連結,所以也影響兩人聆聽、嘗試更多元的音樂類型。值得一提的是,有一天 Eda 在 Balance 辦公室時突然跟 Take、Hisashi 兩人說「我教你們 DJ 吧!」,便帶著他們一起聆聽許多 House、Dub Techno 唱片,並從調 EQ、接歌的情緒掌握及曲風認知等細節教起,可說是開啟 Monkey TImers DJ 生涯的重要契機。

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預售 | Presale $400 ( 11/06 ~ 11/27)
現場 | Door $600
W/ 1 Drink

預售點 | Presale Locations:

● KKTix online ( or purchase at Famport Familymart)

● Lab Taipei
1F., No.96, Emei Street, Wanhua Dist., Taipei CIty 108, Taiwan.
02 23891501


BLACKOUT (\ˈblak-ˌau̇t):

1/ a sudden and temporary loss of consciousness, vision, or memory (often due to having too much fun partying)
2/ a new collaboration between Bass Kitchen Taipei and LAB Select Shop, combining electronic music, street fashion and serious hangovers.

Special Guest:
Monkey Timers

From the darkest Techno to the shiniest Disco, Japan’s up and coming duo – Monkey Timers ( Take + Hishashi ) has been billed as the brightest hopes amongst the next generation dance scene in Japan.

Highly recommended by BK’s past guests Chida & Force of Nature’s DJ Kent, Monkey Timers has been highly active in recent years, starting with their first mix CD in 2011 “Klubb Syndrome”, which Dj Harvey’s party partner, Paul T famously quoted it as his “favorite of the summer”. In addition, Monkey Timer’s first single “Monk” was widely supported by the likes of Justin Vander volgen, Eddie C, Manu etc. 2014 saw Monkey Timers reaching new peak by anchoring the first ever Boiler Room series in Tokyo, displaying their flawless mixing and freestyling, yet edgy selection of tunes. On top of it, what’s also unique about this rising duo is their musical connection with Japan’s fashion scene.

Take has been working for Japan’s street fashion brand Bal since graduating from college. The brand owner Eda has been widely responsible for influencing Take’s tastes by introducing the likes of DJ Harvey, Paul T, Rub N Tug by constantly playing their mix CDs at the shop, while simultaneously inviting these DJs to their parties in Japan. Likewise, Hisashi has been involved with Japan’s street bag brand Head Porters, in which the shop also has similar musical ties as Bal. Through their fashion influence linking with musical exploration, Monkey Timers has been successfully fusing Japan’s street brand scene with baleric-disco & techno sound, firmly cultivating their own unique sense of taste.