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T-Fest 3/27 - 3/29 (English Info)

ARTISTS:Cloud Nothings (US) / Mew (DK) / MONKEY MAJIK (JP) / Zola Jesus (US) / Rhye (US) / YUCK (UK) / Waa Wei (TW) / envy (JP) / Emilie Simon (FR) / Fire EX. (TW) / HUSH (TW) / The Chairman (TW) / 1976 (TW) / Cosmospeople(TW) / Huang Jie (TW) / Come on! BayBay! (TW) / 929 (TW) / tfvsjs (HK) / amazarashi (JP) / IGU band (TW) / TURTLE ISLAND (JP) / Bearbabes (TW) / Trash (TW) / punkhoo (TW) / PUMPKINney Fan Club (TW) / ZiXuan & Slow Train (TW) / Chocolate Tiger (TW) / Inhuman (TW) / Morning Call (TW) / Easy (TW) / Random (TW) / Anthelion (TW) / HiJack (TW) / Orangegrass (TW) / BHD (TW) / Empty Space On a Chessboard (TW) / Taipei Cases (TW) / Constant & Change (TW) / TuT (TW) / Doodle (TW) / The Tic Tac (TW) / Staycool (TW) / My Skin Against Your Skin (TW) / Four Pens (TW) / Qu (JP) / The Electriceels (KR)

KORNER Stage: Nobody Home aka Minilogue (SE) / Eskmo (US) / Gunnar Haslam (US) / Anchorsong (JP) / DJ Code (TW) / Disk0kidz (TW) / James Ho (TW) / Yoshi Nori (TW) / Al Burro (UK) / Yen (TW) / Katrina (TW)

Interactive & Visual Arts: Akiko Nakayama(JP) / Rafael (KR) / DJ Umbra、Paul Chuang (TW) / Wen-hsin Teng (TW) / Kim kyung-mi (KR) / Dennis Tan (SG) / YE Yu-Jun (TW) / SHERYLCHEUNG (TW) / HsienYu Cheng(TW) / Shuhei Nishiyama (JP)

2015 T-Fest |3/28-29 | Taipei Expo Park

2 day pre sale 3,800 ntd
2 day youth pre sale 2,200 ntd
1 day pre sale 2,500 ntd
2 day VIP pre sale 5,000 ntd
MIDNIGHT TICKET 2 day pre sale 1,000 ntd
MIDNIGHT TICKET 1 day pre sale 600 ntd

Ticket information:
2 day pre sale: Granted for all events
2 day youth pre sale : For under 18s only. (Born on/after March 30th 1997) ID needed when purchasing ticket as well as entering. Wristband will be given
1 day pre sale: Granted for all events on a single day
2 day VIP : Granted for all events, plus VIP entrance, special wristband for fast track toilets. allows you to never miss a show. The VIP lounge will also provide a mini bar and snacks (and/or snakes) and the best view of all the stages
MIDNIGHT TICKET : Available for KORNER Stage only. Granted for above 18s only. (Born on/before March 27th 1997) ID needed when purchasing ticket as well as entering. Wristband will be given.

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GONG-GUAN (B1F. No.200, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Wenshan Dist.,Taipei City)
THE WALL URI-SABAKI-JO(No.38, Kengle Road, Yilan City, Yilan County )
THE WALL PIER-2(No.1, Dayong Road, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City )

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Who would have thought the future would be as it is?

Four-wheeled machines speed past us while we wait for a little green man to tell us that it's safe to go, patiently standing as an electronic timer counts down the sixty seconds left before crossing-time. We can stick out a hand and hail us a little, yellow ride, smartphone in hand, booking tickets with our apps as we race so easily towards our destination. It's possible to board a high speed train ten minutes before it should leave and then, just 90 minutes later, have travelled 300 miles. The future is always coming.

From the moment early man first picked up a discarded bone, raised it above his head and smashed it down on to the ground, things have only ever gone forward.

Kubrick saw this in his 2001: Space Odyssey, moving from our first point of self-realization, he pictured a future of space travel, people moving freely around the universe, moving towards a moment far greater than we can imagine now. The future is not far away from us, much like yesterday. It only takes some thought, imagination and an action; it's right there in front of all of us.

T Fest is a brand new vision that THE WALL MUSIC is adding after the progress made since 2010 with other festivals such as Mega Port Festival, FORMOZ, Moonrise Kingdom and Mori Fest.
It continues this notion of forward motion by focusing on this imaginary tomorrow, picturing the future through music and technology; with music as the backdrop and Taipei as its base, creativeness can gather here and an international platform is born. Pop music industries from Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia can meet in Taiwan and be exported to the whole world.

But what does the T stand for?

TAIPEI:Taipei as one of pop music’s iconic cities, providing big stages and an example of how to move things forward.
TAIWAN:Taiwan as the core of creativity and culture in south east Asia. Bringing together the Asian pop music industry and artists from Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong and all over southeast Asia.

TODAY:Building things up through contemporary icons and a synchronization of trends. Following on from the classic FOMOZ in 2013 and evolving into a festival where conversations about the Asian music scene can take place, a discussion of the now.

TOMORROW:Carrying and developing the responsibility of tomorrow’s vision of pop and aiming to be the music festival of Asia. A place to look at what can come tomorrow.

TECH:A chance to examine the potential of revolutionary technology and the way that the internet can be used to develop and further ourselves, we can display here and explore the new of tomorrow.

That's what the T stands for as far as we are concerned, but we also would like you to tell us what it means? What does the T stand for?