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#MidnightRiot 深夜暴動 SiOUSiOU Presents ROBERTO PIQUERAS

#MidnightRiot 深夜暴動 SiOUSiOU present ROBERTO PIQUERAS

穿著你的暴動裝束, 我們將在舞池裡徹底汗溼!
Meet us in your riot gears on the sweatest dance floor.

時裝, 影像 與 派對的革命 天天在上演.
小至你穿的, 你看的; 大至你做的, 你存在的場域 皆代表你的立場.
因為什麼而群聚, 沒有邪惡正義;沒有優先順序.
我們不需要的是 對於思想表態及身體狂歡的限制.
我們的暴動方式 將是未來必上的一課.

Visual, Fashion and Parties are everyday revolutions.
We stand for what we wear and what we see; where we are standing is what we represent.
Don't ask why we gather, there's no one reason more righteous than the other.
There shall be no limits to thoughts in our head, orgy of our body.
This is the way we riot.


Roberto Piqueras

DJ 風格橫跨電音, 雷鬼, 嘻哈及Trap. Bejork 跟夏奇拉也是常客. 風格幽默俗艷, 有著讓人跟不上腳步的戲謔. 身為東倫敦East Block的常駐DJ, 2014在多倫多為Le1f世界巡迴開場, 他是時尚西哈圈裡受人注目的潮流創造者.
生於西班牙, 現居倫敦, 跨領域創作者Roberto, 同時為時裝設計師, 錄像藝術家與DJ. 他的美感強烈的代表著網路世代,貫徹的是人與社會的風景.
新一季的概念影片中, 他以個人行為做出發, 在倫敦的夜晚張貼海報佔地為王. 其中拼貼各國的議題片段, 表達他深為現世代的關切, 並帶入許多網路視覺元素,以輕挑幽默的手法訴說.

Roberto Piqueras plays across Electronic, Reggaeton, Hip Hop and Trap. His humorous and sassy DJ style led you to be happily manipulated on the dance floor. He's a regular face at the London club East Block, and had only just opened a show for Le1f 's world tour in Canada Nov 2014.

Born in Madrid, now lives and creates in London, the multi talented video artist, fashion designer and DJ Roberto is focused on individuals and the public spaces (both physical and virtual). His net art influenced aesthetic and the concerns of cross culture contemporary issues are well composed and discussed in his latest fashion video (on the top of the description). It is also the inspiration of #MidnightRiot.

Sonia Lai aka Sonia Calico

曲風以UK bass為主的house以及techno,並融合 Trap/ Jersey club/ Hip hop等等多元的舞曲。
生長於台北的DJ/producer,身兼電子搖滾樂團Go Chic與DJ duo/promoter組織Bounce Girlz (BxxG)的一員, 在全台大大小小活動DJ,也曾在北京摩登天空等音樂季演出。
2008年開始以Bounce Girlz與UnderU為名,邀請國內外藝人舉辦系列派對.

Sonia is well known for her UK bass music set where she blends in Rap/Juke/Disco/Jersey Club.
Grew up in Taipei, as the core member of Taiwanese electronic rock band "Go Chic" and one of DJ duo BxxG. Sonia has been playing at various nights around the world. Since 2008 she started her on going underground club nights, invited international acts to Taipei, under the name "Bounce girlz"& "UnderU".

Alex Grant

Born in Manchester moved to Taiwan in 2014, within a few months, he is already a regular DJ at Korner. Alex grow up with neighbours that built their own sound system in their garage, and is influenced by acid house, techno, drum and bass, but he doe not limit himself to that. He will be bring us a UK garage set on the night.

Computer Face

A house of boys came from different background with mad computer skills set up a studio in Taipei. They have performed as VJ in music festivals in Taiwan and Shanghai and on their spare time, they help multi million corporations
producing animations of their dream engine and skyscraper plans. Just because they can.

#MidnightRiot 深夜暴動 SiOUSiOU present ROBERTO PIQUERAS

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