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Bass Kitchen 5th Anniversary 五週年派對

Bass Kitchen 5th Anniversary

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▬▬▬▬ LINE UP ▬▬▬▬
CHIDA [ Ene Records, Tokyo ]
Lee DOUGLAS a.k.a AN-I [ DFA / Cititrax, Berlin ]

在今年 BK 五週年紀念日上我們決定加碼讓各位有著倍數樂趣,並提供 House, Techno, Disco 合起來的巨無霸菜單。是的! 這次我們請來兩位超乎凡人才華的DJ: Lee Douglas 和 Chida。

Lee DOUGLAS a.k.a AN-I [ DFA / Cititrax, Berlin ]
Lee Douglas, 又名 An-I, 是一個在 DFA, Minimal Wave, Rong Music 和 ESP Institute 等音樂大廠中耳熟能詳的名字。 不論是經典 Disco 或是工業Techno, 這個不拘泥於單一風格的音樂魔術師在為 Juan MacLean, Lauer, The Phenomental Handclap Band 混音後也同時為自己打響了名號。 在2014 年我們注意到他開始了一個新專案 "An-I",以這新化名發行在 Minimal Wave 旗下子公司 Cititrax 的兩張 EP 過去一年以來深入影響著我們, 當中 "Kino-I" 充斥著原始工業 Techno 和類比聲響並有著80年代 EBM 的能量, 也是BK 2014年最愛單曲之一 。

CHIDA [ Ene Records, Tokyo ]
對於 Bass Kitchen 喜好者的朋友來說,Chida 其實不太需要去介紹。那些在過去看過他表演的朋友們,一定都會記得他那些驚為天人的表演,同時那也是 BK 過去幾年派對讓我們最為驚豔的亮點之一。這個90年代東京地下電子音樂的靈魂人物最近頻頻受到國際間注意和邀請,不論在 Boiler Room 還是 Beats In Space 都大受好評。當然他在自家廠牌 Ene Records 上的努力我們都很欽佩,但是我們始終知道這個男人站在DJ台時最讓人驚艷. 他可以隨時傳來深度催眠音樂或令人振奮喜悅的聲響, 而他DJ袋裡中滿著90 年代 Acid House 和充滿空間感的 Disco 唱片,這些唱片往往都是我們在市場上遍尋不著的.


Here we go again, Taipei! After 5 years of parties, liters of sweat lost on the dancefloor, hundreds of dollars spent on rare records, and even a couple of grey hair, we’re still here, as hungry as ever! 2014 was a fantastic year thanks to all of you and the wonderful DJs we had playing for us: Move D, Gerd Janson, Samo DJ, Alex From Tokyo, Bi-Bop, Tzusing, and some of the best local cooks in Taiwan. Time to start a new year now, to blow a few more candles, and to get again some of our favorite artists playing for us!

For this year’s anniversary, we decided to double the fun, and offer you a king size menu of house, techno and disco. Yes, we’ve got a massive double headliner, with two incredibly talented DJs: Lee Douglas and Chida.

Lee Douglas, aka An-I, is a familiar name for those following labels such as DFA, Minimal Wave, Rong Music or ESP Institute. The eclectic musician, who made a name for himself by remixing artists such as The Juan MacLean, Lauer or The Phenomenal Handclap Band, is a real studio magician swiftly producing classic disco tracks or industrial techno stompers with the same ease. 2014 saw him launch a new project called An-i, and his first two EPs for Minimal Wave’s sublabel Cititrax have delivered some of the most massive tracks we’ve heard last year: raw techno analog jams filled with the energy of 80s EBM and industrial music.

For regular Bass Kitchen followers, Chida needs little introduction: those who saw him play for us in 2012 surely remember his amazing set, for sure one of BK’s highlights of the last few years. A central figure of Tokyo’s underground house scene since the mid-1990s, Chida has only recently started to gain the international recognition he deserves, with appearances on the Boiler Room or Beats In Space. While his A&R work for his label Ene Records and his production work both deserve credits, Chida’s skills are best showcased behind the decks: a true master of the art of DJing, he can transport a dancefloor from deep hypnosis to exhilarating joy, with a bag filled with rare 90s gems, dark acid bombs, and cosmic disco epics.

For this special occasion, BK chefs will open the meal with a special back-2-back set of deep house selections. So be ready for the anniversary full course menu: we’re not gonna let you go until we’ve made your ears fully satisfied.

Bass Kitchen 5th Anniversary 五週年派對
SATURDAY, February 7th

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地點:KORNER (羅斯福路四段200號B1)
日期:2月7號 (週六)
時間:23:30 - 05:30

  • 以下票價均包含一杯免費飲料
  • All tickets include 1 Free Drink
  • 入場需出示證件

Presale available starting January 16th

ALL W/ 1 Drink
● 三人套票 | 3 ppl Group Tickets: 1200 NT
● 預售 | Presale: 500 NT
● 現場 | Door : 700 NT

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全國華娛售票系統 FamiPort (FamilyMart)
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有種唱片 Species Records
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Demarcolab / Nabiis
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吐司利亞三號 Toasteria Cafe #3
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