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大象體操「See You Then」w/ How to count one to ten

「See You Then 」巡迴演出


兩年來大象體操走過巨獸搖滾、見證大團、簡單生活節、大港開唱、<平衡> EP巡迴、
野台開唱、入冬巡迴、林宥嘉 <口的形狀> 演唱會、<角度> 亞洲巡迴等演出。
日本的友團「How to count one to ten」與大家見面。無論從何時認識大象體操,

It’s time to say “Good Bye!” Due to military service in Taiwan, we have to take a break and this will be the last tour before suspension. We have invited our friend 「How to count one to ten 」from Japan to join the tour. We wholeheartedly hope you will come have fun with us. Thank you and see you then!

大象體操 Elephant Gym
來自高雄 – 台灣,以BASS為帶領樂器的數字搖滾樂團。2013年發行首張EP
<平衡> 即吸引全球數字/後搖滾樂迷關注。2014年發行首張專輯 <角度> 受
英國數字搖滾雜誌專文推薦。一般歌曲中常被忽略的低音BASS在大象體操卻是主要帶領樂器。 曲中節奏變化豐富、旋律輕巧流暢。

Elephant Gym is a bass driven, Math-Rock band from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, formed in 2012. The music of Elephant Gym is known for clear and memorable bass lines, emotional guitar riffs and melodic drumming. Most songs are instrumental. The first album “ANGLE” was released in
July 2014.

How to count one to ten (JP)
日本數字搖滾樂團,今年與大象體操共同舉辦日本 double tour。清亮的吉他、合成器
How to count one to ten 將帶著近日發行第三張EP“Method of slow motion”與

How to count one to ten is a Math-Rock band from Tokyo. Clean and worm sound
and interesting meter switches are the unique features of their music. They have released their third EP “Method of slow motion” and toured with Elephant Gym in Japan this autumn.

How to count one to ten - parade

How to count one to ten

How to count one to ten - concrete foundation

大象體操 - 頭+身體

大象體操 - 青蛙