2015 臺灣美國學生會議 Taiwan-America Student Conference


“TASC: Taiwan-America Student Conference Association”

  • TASC is an international student-run organization of those studying in the Taiwan and the U.S.
  • It is also recognized by the Ministry of Interior Affairs in Taiwan.
  • It aims at improving the mutual understanding and diverse viewpoints between the outstanding student leaders on the both sides by teamwork.

The main features of 2015 TASC

  • Roundtable discussion:A roundtable consists of eight delegates, half of whom are from the U.S. Roundtable discussion encourages delegates to express their understanding and opinions of a given topic. After the thorough discussion, they will present their projects at Final Forum and interact with experts and guests further.
  • Speakers’ talks:We will invite international leaders and young prominent speakers to deliver talks. The invited guests include Dr. William A. Stanton, the former director at American Institute in Taiwan and Bing-Cheng Yeh, a professor from National Taiwan University.
  • Corporation visits:It enables delegates to explore networking and reach out potential mentors for their future.
  • Cultural experience and site visits:Delegates will learn Taiwan in a brand new light by experiencing different sides of cultures. They will also redefine Taiwan based on their personal experience.
  • Life-long friendships: Spending every minute together for three weeks establishes long-term intercultural friendships. Delegates will find a sense of belonging and trust.


  • 使用智慧型手機,安裝Blink Wallet App,登入你的帳號,屆時只需出示個人QR CODE 即可方便入場。
  • 若你有印表機,也可自行列印票券,屆時持紙本票券入場。


  • 填表時請填寫真實中文姓名及資料,以便與申請資料核對,若所留之資料有誤,以致無法核對,視同放棄申請資格
  • 請於寄出申請表後,3天內完成"申請手續費"(NT$300)之繳交
  • 未繳交申請費者,申請表暫不受理審查
  • 逾時(一天)未繳費,視同放棄申請資格,其申請不審理
  • 若有任何繳費上問題,請聯繫 tasc.recruit.tw@gmail.com
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