2015 Taipei Model United Nations 台北模擬聯合國會議

  • 活動日期:
  • 2015-05-20 09:00 to 2015-05-24 17:00
  • 購票期限:
  • 2015-02-01 17:00 to 2015-03-30 23:59


Taipei Model United Nations 2015 | The 10th Annual Session



    模擬聯合國會議(Model United Nations)提供參與者扮演各國駐聯合國代表並針對各委員會性質討論國際議題的機會,藉此增進與會者對國際重要議題的興趣與理解。

    秉持「鼓勵青年參與國際會議」的理念,政治大學青年國際會議社(Youth Association of International Conferences, YAIC)於2004創立,並開始積極推動模擬聯合國會議,希望能促進大學生與各領域菁英交流的機會。

    2015年,台北模擬聯合國會議(Taipei Model United Nations, TMUN)邁入第十屆。我們將謹記十年來舉辦模聯會議的經驗,傳承過去、放眼未來,致力於提供代表們高學術性的會議,希望能帶給參與者難忘的模擬聯合國經驗。

    2015 TMUN將開設5個委員會,分別為:

▪    Disarmament and International Security Committee, DISEC

▪    Economic and Social Council, ECOSOC

▪    Security Council, SC

▪    UN Human Rights Council, UNHRC

▪    UN Press Corps, UNPC


About 2015 Taipei Model United Nations

   Youth Association of International Conferences (YAIC) is aimed to train young elites to participate in international conferences and to broaden their perspectives in this era of information and globalization.

   YAIC started to hold annual Mode United Nations conference in the year of 2006. And YAIC strives to provide a one-of-a-kind platform for diligent young students to discuss important issues and further cooperate together by simulating the role of diplomats.

   In 2015, Taipei Model United Nations (TMUN) will enter its 10th annual anniversary. To celebrate the anniversary and to provide all participants an unique experience, we will extend our conference to 4 days for a more thorough discussion on the topics. There will be five committees in 2015 TMUN, including Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), Economic and Social Council(ECOSOC), Security Council (SC), UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and UN Press Corps (UNPC)

   Apart from the black-and-white formal attire and all serious talks, delegates can relax themselves as the starry sky unveils the curtains of the social events.

   Take a leap of faith with 2015 TMUN. The organizing committee aims to bringing delegates into the unknown of our galaxy, to explore outward and inward, to infinity and beyond. In the eternal lines, the legacy of TMUN lives with time.





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  2. 填寫票卷所附之問卷(即本次TMUN報名表)
  3. 填完後在三日內完成繳費手續即完成報名。




How to register 2015 TMUN

Qualifications: Graduate and undergraduate students only. (Local students and international/oversea students are eligible.)

Registration: Participants should complete the following three steps.

1. Enter Blink website and click 'Registration'.

2. Complete the Questionnaire (Resistration form). 

3. Pay registration fee in three days after you complete the questionnaire.  



**The host team will send an email to confirm your registration.

**Delegate should note that one Blink account is only for one questionnaire and one ticket!!


票種說明 Payment information

本屆TMUN報名期間為104/2/1~104/3/30 (已於3/20延長10天)因應調整,報名期間分為三階段

早鳥優惠Early Bird Fee

期間:104/2/1 8:00~ 104/3/7 23:59

費用:每位代表費用為3200元。(NT 3200/per person, 105 US dollars/per person)

一般費用Regular Fee

期間:104/3/8 0:00~ 104/3/20 23:59

費用:每位代表費用為3500元。(NT 3500/per person, 115 US dollars/per person)

一般費用Regular Fee--延長報名Extension 

期間:104/3/21 0:00~ 104/3/30 23:59

費用:每位代表費用為3500元。(NT 3500/per person, 115 US dollars/per person)


期間:104/2/1~104/3/30 23:59





**聯絡資訊 Contact the team** 

TMUN official website: http://taipeimun.com

TMUN FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Taipeimun?ref=bookmarks


TMUN行政部 Department of Administration

部長(Director): Jennifer Chung

信箱(Email address): administration@taipeimun.com

 If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!






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各大專院校學生/International students

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各大專院學生/International students

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