GIS Taiwan 2014 - Delegate Application

  • 活動日期:購票期限
  • 2014-07-14 08:00 至 2014-07-18 23:59
  • 購票期限:
  • 2014-01-01 00:00 至 2014-05-31 23:58



This page is only for sending proposal, GIS Taiwan will send the notification for further  information for registration after the proposal is accepted. 



**Delegates from Mainland China please be aware of announcement for visa as following. 




 【GIS Taiwan 2014】

Event : Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan 2014

Host: National Taiwan University

Location : GIS Convention Center, NTU, Taipei

Annual Topic : Stand Up! Stand out!

Date of event: July 14th, 2014- July 18th, 2014

Deadline of Delegate Application: May 31th, 2014

Deadline of Essay Submission: April 21th, 2014 (optional)

Participation fee: EarlyBird NT 3000 ; Standard NT 3600

(Application is free.  Participation will be paid at the registraton step.)


活動名稱:2014 全球集思論壇 (Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan 2014)


年度主題:「Stand Up! Stand Out! 」

年度會期:2014年7月14日至2014年7月18日 (共五日)


論文截止日:2014年4月21日 (optional)

參加費用:1/1-2/27 早鳥優惠3000元;2/28-5/31 一般報名3600元

(GIS Taiwan 2014代表申請為免費的。通過審查後,將再寄發信件通知付款方式)


Application Reminder


For the year 2014, the conference will be held July14th through July18th, 2014. For those intending to join our 2014 conference as a delegate, please complete the application process before the deadline of proposal submission (May 31st,2014).We will be announce our decisions after the admission council reviews each application.



Those who are accepted as our delegates will receive notifications informing details of application fee via email. Please note that it is the completion of payment that confirms qualification. Applicants who have completed the steps above are qualified to participate in the GIS Taiwan 2014 essay competition, and , for non-residents, to apply for financial aid.

申請者將於完成繳費後,擁有GIS Taiwan 2014年度會期代表之正式資格。完成上述報名程序後,方有申請獎學金補助或參與論文競賽的資格。


Joining the essay competition does not affect the qualification of the delegate. The competition is optional, however, it is necessary if you intend to apply for financial aid. For your information, the deadline of essay submission is April 21st, 2014, you are free to update the paper for unlimited times before that date.



*Note : Delegates who sumbit your application after April 21st will not be able to participate the essay competition and financial aid program.

 *注意: 於4/21後報名的代表,將無法參加Essay Competition 及 Financial Aid Program



【Two steps to join GIS Taiwan 2014】

To clarify, the full procedures includes two stages :

1. Application - The submission of all your required personal information and your proposal.

第一階段: 完成基本資料填寫 及 提案(proposal)繳交

>> here in this blink page  在此blink頁面完成


2. Registration - The completion of payment for application fee after receive notification letter.

第二階段: 提案審核通過後,依照信件指示完成程序及付款 / 論文競賽及獎學金申請 (optional)

>> head for GIS Taiwan "Registration page" after you finish step 1 

      在第一階段完成後前往GIS Taiwan的 「註冊(Registration)」頁面




What should you do at step 1 ? 

1. Fill in application form  基本資料填寫

For the full of applications and further arrangements, GIS Taiwan would like you to fill in your personal information as we required.



2. Proposal  提案繳交

You should set a title for your proposal. The content of the proposal should be no less than 250 and no more than 350 words. (In English)



*Requirements of the Proposal

Please choose one specific thing that you are interested in and do some research on it, such as a person, an organization, or a business. Analyze the future developing obstacles or potential of your topic and try to relate it to the discussion with your extraordinary viewpoint. Here are some examples that you can think about: environmental protection, medical technology, or sustainable business running. Point out the problems they might face in the future and provide solutions. The problem that you indicate will helpful for further discussions in GIS Taiwan 2014 and will also be a great material for your Essay. This is going to be your first step of standing up and standing out in world.

提案內容要求:請舉出一個與本年度主題相關之具體人物、組織或企業,分析該團體是如何運用獨特的洞察力而獲得致勝的關鍵,並在眾多競爭者中脫穎而出。舉例而言,可以下列各領域進行分析:生態保育、文化傳承、醫療科技、企業永續經營等議題,若能藉由觀察與分析點出各標的須因應的難題,將有助於日後相關領域作進一步的探究與討論,同時也為論文(Essay)之研究題材,亦是「Stand Up, Stand Out!」突破困境,脫穎而出的第一步。


 【Result of Proposal Examination】

The results of proposal examinations will be sent to the applicants' e-mail every Sunday. Delegates who receive the notification please finish the application procedure and pay the application and accommodation fees. *Attention: The space of participation will officially guarantee only after you finish all application procedures, including payments.

(e.g. if the application was sent on January, 6th to January, 12th, the result of examination will be sent on January, 19th )


例如: 若申請於1月6日(一)至1月12日(日)間送出,提案審查結果將於1月19日(日)以電子郵件寄達。



*Any further question and information please send to :







EarlyBird Application



購票期限 01-01 至 02-28


Submit application before 2/27

Standard Application



購票期限 02-28 至 05-31


Submit application after 2/28