What is MUN?

Model United Nations (MUN), is a dynamic activity which consists of diplomatic training, debating, and global vision. During a MUN, participants role-play different country delegations, stimulating the very situation of a conference in an international scale, and by discussing important current world issues, we not only get knowledge of international relations, form worldwide vision, but also establish long lasting friendships with brilliant people who shares the same passion about the welfare of mankind.



Why MUN?

  • Learning World Affairs

    By taking on the role of a diplomat, you can understand current conditions of those issues and the position of your nation, and explore the world while you’re doing the research or having heated debates with other delegates.
  • Public Speaking & Negotiation

    You’ll learn how to make coherent speech to the public and persuade other delegates. As the diplomat of your nation, you should try to promote your policy and form alliances. Be firm on your stances and make your speech clear.

  • Meet People

    You can meet people who share same interests with you when partaking in MUN. It’s always fun to make new friends from different universities!

  • 學習國際事務


  • 公開演說及協商


  • 接觸人群



  • 使用智慧型手機,安裝Blink Wallet App,登入你的帳號,屆時只需出示個人QR CODE 即可方便入場。
  • 若你有印表機,也可自行列印票券,屆時持紙本票券入場。








Registration Date : 22 Dec,2013 - 22 Jan, 2014

Conference Date : 21-23 Feb, 2014


Please read the Reminder before registration!


Registration Reminder
  1. The registration fee 12/22 to 1/2 is NT$1200 and the registration fee 1/3 to 1/22 is NT$1350 each person.(Excluding meals of the second and the third days)


  2. Each delegation will form with one to two delegate(s).    


  3. There will be limitation on the amount of total participants. We will  be 200 people for high school and college students.  The order will be decided by the time we receive the registration form. People who are out of the limit will be put in the list of alternates in the order of the time we receive the form, too.        


  4. If the registration of delegation just crosses the limitation, the registration for that delegation is valid. (Ex: If there are 199 people take the registration forMUN, the registration for the group which is composed by two people will be valid.)    


  5. Whether the registration is successful or not will announce at 12 a.m. in every morning. (E.g.: The registration which signs up during 00:00~24:00 on Jan. 1st will be announced at 12a.m. Jan. 2nd.)    

    每天晚上12點將公佈前一天報名隊伍。(例:1/2晚上12點公佈1/1 00:00~24:00之報名隊伍) 

  6. Please do finish the remittance and in three days after registration form filled out. If we do not receive the remittance in designated time, the registration will be cancelled and replaced by the one on the waiting list. Please note that the transaction fee has NOT been included, and would have to be paid by individual delegates. (Ex: If you register on Jan. 1st , you must wire the registration fee to the account in the following before 1/3.)


  7. If one doesn’t finish the remittance and the remittance confirmation form in time will lost the qualification.       


  8.  The alternate who is added to registration list should wire the registration fee within three days. (Ex: If the qualification is confirmed on the page of announcement from the list of alternates on Jan.21, then the delegation must complete the remittance before Jan. 23.)    


  9.  The confirmation of the remittance will be announced on the official FB everyday.


  10. For delegates would like to submit a withdrawal after registration, the registration fee will be fully refundable for 20 days before 2/3;or, 500 dollars within 20 days ( up to 2/1); or, would not be able to refund within 10 days (in or after 2/11).      



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