Pan Asia Model United Nations 2013 泛亞洲模擬聯合國會議

  • 活動日期:購票期限
  • 2013-12-04 00:00 至 2013-12-08 23:59
  • 購票期限:
  • 2013-06-21 00:00 至 2013-10-22 23:59

Registration for PAMUN 2013 is now closed! Delegates who have registered but have not yet completed payment, please do so by 10/22 11:59PM (UTC +08:00). See you all in December!

Registration Information

General Registration

  • Please fill out the registration form before order
  • We only accept individual registration, either as single delegate or one of double delegation. All registration, regardless of nationality, should complete online registration individually.

Registration Fee, Types of Payment, and Refund

  • The registration fee for the four-day event will be NTD$ 3990 (without transaction fee). The registration fee includes credentials of conference sessions and tickets to social events.
  • There will be an Early Registration with a fee of NTD$ 3690 with limited capacity.
  • If you do not complete your payment within one week, the entire registration would be canceled and you will have to fill out the general registration form again.
  • The registration fee does not include airline tickets or accommodation. Should you need such recommendations, please contact
  • We accept payment through ATM and credit card. Please follow the instructions on the registration webpage, in addition to the information on the registration overview page of our official website. All payment must be made before the registration is complete. You will receive confirmation e-mail after the payment has been done.
  • If payment is done through credit card or by web ATM, you will receive the payment confirmation mail within one day. If payment is done through ATM, you will receive the payment confirmation mail within one to two working days due to the delay of bank transactions.
  • We implement a first-come-first-serve policy. Incomplete registrations will not be guaranteed with any seats.
  • Should you need a refund, please contact before 31 Oct 23:30 (GMT+8). All payment will be non-refundable after 31 Oct 23:30 (GMT+8)

After completing all steps of registration including payment, you will receive a QR code. You may print it save it on your mobile or login to App "BLINK" with the account you registered. Please note that we will scan that during registration on the first day of the conference.




  • 請先填妥報名表後再進行付款。

  • 本活動僅接受個人報名,不論您是個人代表或是雙人代表之一,也不論您的國籍,請每位代表個別填寫一份線上報名表。


  • 本活動為期四天,費用為新臺幣3990元(不包含付款之手續費)。費用包含了4天的會議以及參加晚上社交晚宴等相關活動票卷。

  • 本活動將會開放一定名額的早鳥優惠,報名價格為新臺幣3690元。

  • 如果您未有在填妥報名表後一星期內完成付款,那麼此次報名將會失效,若您仍有意願報名本活動,煩請再次填寫活動報名表。

  • 本活動報名費用並不包含機票、交通或是住宿。如果您需要機票住宿相關的相關資訊,請聯繫

  • 本活動接受銀行轉帳以及信用卡付款。請依照報名頁面的指示進行付款,相關訊息請參照官方網站內registrtion overview頁面。報名程序需至繳費完成後方始生效,本活動將於繳費手續完成後寄送通知信。

  • 如果是藉由信用卡或web ATM的方式付款完成,您將會在一天內收到確認信;而若是藉由銀行轉帳則需要至少工作天1~2天才能確認付款成功並寄出確認信。
  • 本活動採取限額報名制,未完成繳費的報名代表將不予以保留名額。

  • 若因任何因素需要退費者,請於10月31號23:30(GMT+8)前聯繫 ,逾時者則不予以申請退費。

完成所有報名以及付款手續後,每位代表將拿到一組QR code,您可以將其列印下來或是以註冊的帳號登入手機上的BLINK應用程式來隨時查看您的QR code,我們將會在第一天報到時以及晚上活動會場前掃描您的QR code,作為入場以及報到依據。




Early registration fee



購票期限 07-29 至 08-31

One ticket per account

Regular registration



購票期限 09-01 至 10-22

One ticket per account